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Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Design trends always seem to be changing, and this year is no different. As millions of homeowners adapt to new realities, the way in which we use our home is evolving and so is our expression of individuality.

Multifunctional Spaces

Circumstances have led us to spending more time at home. We have turned our dining rooms into offices, kitchens into classrooms, and bedrooms into gyms. This new reality has homeowners reimagining their homes and transitioning single purpose spaces into multifunctional areas. Expect to see built-ins surrounding televisions, creating storage in living rooms with coffee tables becoming the hardest working piece of furniture in the home. Floating shelves will allow for increased floor space throughout homes and built-in desks should make a comeback in the kitchen. Basements and garages may also be converted into game rooms, home gyms, and theatres. These are just a few creative solutions we may begin to see as we move through the new year.

Grandmillenial Design

Design trends are cyclical and millennials through their expression of individuality are bringing back a style known as granny chic. Yes, the sleek, modern style of the past decade is being challenged by the comfort of grandma’s living room. Home décor with mid-century nostalgia is desired to create a homier feel with today’s homeowners. It is a style that falls somewhere between minimalism and maximalism. It incorporates detailed upholstery, plaid and floral prints, vintage pieces such as grandma’s china collection, and richly stained wood furniture. The grandmillenial design is geared toward emotional connection and should continue to flourish as we spend more time at home.

Good Vibes

Within the home, we are looking for ways to maintain balance and harmony, an art form commonly known as feng shui. Homeowners are seeking peace and tranquility not only on the interior, but the exterior as well. Inside the home, it is important to maximize natural light which can be done with a minimalist approach. Uncluttered workspaces with clean lined furniture in its natural finish are increasing in popularity. Rooms meant for privacy are being filled with earth tones and plush materials. Outdoor favorites are making their way inside, as wicker and rattan create texture and amplify natural light throughout homes, providing a relaxing and sometimes tropical feel.

Outdoor living spaces are just as important for homeowners as they seek peace and serenity. Zen gardens are an increasingly popular space outside of homes these days. Spaces surrounded by plants, rock gardens, and water features provide getaways for rejuvenation. The meaning of home in 2021 is changing and it’s all about creating an oasis that flows naturally with the desires of each individual homeowner.

Expressions of Creativity

We are living in a society where creativity excels, and this holds true throughout the home design industry. While we are experiencing merging styles in the design world, expressions of creativity are still desired when creating a space to call home. Abstract art, vibrant colors, textured, bold, and unusual finishes will continue to have their place among home décor trends.

Eco-Friendly and Smart

The one constant among design trends is the pursuit of eco-friendly, smart homes. Homeowners are opting for energy efficiency and green products wherever they can. Technology has driven these trends with products such as smart thermostats, air conditioners, plugs/outlets, and irrigation systems. Other well-known products range from hypoallergenic linens to dual flush toilets, solar panels, LED Light bulbs, geothermal heat pumps, cork flooring, and a variety of others.

Design trends come and go. Yes, it does make a difference when taking your home to the market but not everyone is in a position or has a desire to sell. If you are thinking of selling your home this year, I would encourage you to seek the advice of a real estate professional to better prepare your home for the current market. If not, I recommend you fill your home with your own individual creativity and live life comfortably.

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