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When you’re ready to sell your home, there are specific steps you’ll want to take to ensure a smooth process.

  1. Step One. Select a Licensed REALTOR. An experienced REALTOR with a proven track record will help you price your home appropriately, provide guidance as you prepare your house for sale, list and market your home, and guide you through the paperwork and negotiations to sell your home.

  2. Step Two. Prepare your home for sale. Your REALTOR can help suggest improvements to your home that will make it desirable for a wide pool of potential buyers. Presenting your home to buyers as a clean, well-kept space that people can envision themselves living in is of utmost importance. Your REALTOR may also suggest contractors and home stagers who can help you accomplish this.

  3. From here, your REALTOR will help you compare offers, select the best offer, and will walk you through the inspection, remedy, and closing process, as well as help you find your next home!

If you’re thinking of listing your home, give me a call. I’d love to provide a free Home Valuation, so you have an estimate of how much your home would sell for in today’s market.

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