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You’re planning to list your home, but you know it could use some sprucing up before it’s on the market. Many homeowners are tempted to do one of two extremes – do a complete renovation, or do nothing. While every home and situation is different, here are some minor improvements that typically yield a positive return on investment and can help your home sell more quickly:

  1. One: Landscape. Clean up leaves, trim dead branches, plant some flowers, mulch and mow. A little curb appeal can go a long way.

  2. Two: Deep clean. Everyone has a different definition of what clean is, but the most important thing to many buyers is that the home they are considering is clean and tidy. Consider hiring a professional house cleaner to do a deep cleaning prior to having professional photos taken and scheduling showings.

  3. Three: Neutralize. You might love a bright pop of color on the walls, but your buyers may not be able to envision their things in the space if the decor and colors are very specific to your taste. Paint walls a neutral color like cream or light gray to appeal to a wider pool of potential buyers.

  4. Four: Update the kitchen and bathrooms. These are the rooms that usually yield the highest return on investment when minor updates are done prior to listing a home. Worthwhile investments can include having the cabinets painted a fresh white, updating hardware, replacing old light fixtures, and possibly installing new counters, depending on how worn or dated they are.

When listing a home, it’s important not to under or over-improve. An experienced REALTOR can help you determine the best updates to make based on the neighborhood, price point, and your individual goals for selling your home.

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