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Should we sell now and wait to buy?

If you are asking this question, I am assuming that you are considering the benefits of selling your home given the current market conditions. If this is so, my answer is simply YES and an emphatic NO. You as a seller are currently experiencing one of, if not, the most unique markets we have ever witnessed. Home prices are continuing to appreciate, there is a good chance that you are in a position of equity, and demand is far outpacing supply. We are in what could be considered a perfect storm for sellers.

Now to the flip side. Should you decide to sell, there is absolutely no way you should consider waiting. Why, you ask? Simple economics tell us that when demand outpaces supply, values increase. Expert opinions tell us that home prices will continue to appreciate and mortgage rates will continue to rise. This is the expectation as the economy continues to improve, therefore, the longer you wait the more expensive purchases become.

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